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Iraq/North Korea

Posted by Guy Beech ,
Friday, February 14, 2003

I think that's a simple way of looking at a complicated issue, David. There really are some bad people out there that can't just be ignored.

It's very tempting, living in our comfortable fair society, to think that all issues can be resolved in a civilised fashion but unfortunately it is not so. History tells us this.

Don't forget either that it was America that helped us to defeat the threat of Nazi germany. We still owe them and our own parents and grandparents a debt of gratitude. It enables us to express our opinions freely today.

Despite the wish of some people to think so, the USA is not run by a power grabbing simpleton holding a family grudge. I'm not a fan of Bush, but I won't let that colour my judgement to the extent of deluding myself as to the real situation.

As for the UN, if it sticks to it's own resolutions then it will be policing the world.