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Doggie Bags

Posted by Paula,
Monday, February 17, 2003

I've just moved to Hebden from Manchester, and find it generally very clean and pleasant. However I am astounded by the state of the canal path! I am a dog owner and *always* (yes even in the dark!) carry a pooper-scooper and bags, and conscientiously clear up every time. However I am beginning to wonder why on earth I bother, as both the canal and the park are constantly littered with smelly gifts. Let's have a campaign against dog poo all along the canal path, not just by the Alternative Technology Centre, and let's have some disposal bins or at least litter bins please, so that I don't have to carry poo all along to Hardcastle Crags and back again in an Oasis bag! In Manchester the dog warden threatens to fine you 500 if you're spotted leaving "presents" behind. "There is no doubt a dog is super but please carry a pooper scooper!"