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Broadband in Calder Valley HELP

Posted by Richard Constantine,
Saturday, January 18, 2003

Watching TV adverts encouraging me to subscribe to BT'Broadband Service really get me going! For over 4 years now I have been trying to get Broadband facilities for my home and business use with no luck - and I live next door to the Telephone Exchange! In that time Todmorden's MP has organised Broadband and Calder Valley Business and home users have simply been left out.

BT won't provide it unitl they see enough interest registered on their web site . Please can you help me by registering an interest ? The numbers have ground slowly upwards from 20 to 43 and now to 190. This number needs to double, you don't have to commit to buying it just register an interest, for the benefit of everyone, businesses and other home users in the Calder Valley .

It seems ridiculous to me that an area as big as this isn't on the BT list for upgrade and can't can't benefit from modern technology Calrec in Hebden Bridge have been forced to install satellite communication just to get around the problem! Even when the numbers pass the threshold it will take another 6 months to install - so all help is welcome.

Heres the site