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Welcome to the War

Posted by Simon Stewart,
Saturday, March 15, 2003

Our ersatz Tom Browne, that pastiche of muscular Christianity and third rate public school boy is determined on being the puppet wing of a contrived war of US imperialist power projection. He is willing to tear up international law, rip apart the Labour Party to back a dry drunk, born again Christian Fundamentalist who has the democratic legitimacy of Mugabe. And to this end, he, and that appalling hack, Jack Straw, try - unsuccessful - to come up with any contrivance to show that Sadam represents a threat to this country, the galaxy and the nether regions of Hell, or that he was the real Mr Big behind 9/11. 45% of Americans belief that one - whether that tells us about the quality of a lie repeated, or the quality of American minds I don't know. But it ain't worked here, in the rest of Europe or with rest of the world. I was in Granada on the 15th Feb and the Spanish were not backing Tony's latest buddy, Aznar, the John Mayor of Spanish politics - only 2% of Spaniards do. !No Sangre Por Petroleo!

Meanwhile, Israel continues its US backed and UN veto busting illegal occupation of the West Bank. In which, in the second intafada, 2,500 Palestinians have been killed, over 40,000 seriously injured and thousands more brutalised. That is and has always been the true threat to insecurity in the region. Just think what the billions in military hardware and personnel resources now being poured into the sand would do to that conflict. And an undemocratically elected and unaccountable hard right Republican claque that has done a coup de main on American foreign policy provides further aid and succour to Israel, turning a blind eye to the activities of the butcher of Sabra and Chatilla, Sharon. This claque, backed by its hinterland Christian Fundamentalists with their eschatological wet dreams (I won't abuse the term theology) is in such an unholy alliance with its satrap, Israel, as to even countenance support for an annexation by Israel of the West Bank: forget just building new illegal settlements. Roll out the suicide bombers and the 9/11ers into the decades to come: truly it will be an American Century.

This claque with its Mickey Mouse president is the true threat to world order and peace; foreign policy should never have been allowed to degenerate into a game of hardball, or stud poker. And if Blair is determine on war, then, he, and New Labour, should be made to pay. By withholding our support, our votes and tearing up our membership cards until 'New Labour' is again the Labour Party and Blair and the appalling Straw are the mere footnotes of history they so deserve to be.


Posted by Guy Beech,
Monday, March 17, 2003

Hmmm.....that was a bit of a rant wasn't it?

If you want old Labour back I assume you also want a Tory goverment in power again, because that is what would happen!

I don't.

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