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Forget the War, peace, peace!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ivy Thompson,
Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I really don't think that there should be a war. Think about all of the innocent people that will die from this war. It is really not a good idea. It is so so sad when all of the women that just had babies have to leave their families, when all of the children with only fathers or mothers have to watch there parents go away and they never know if they will see them again. Some people will have no family left, and for what? It is not right that we go to war against Iraq for no good reason at all. This is really a sad occasion. Just because they mess with us does not mean that we have to get revenge on them. Yesterday is over and we need to start a new life today. There is really no need for war. This war will only be a start of even worse problems and it is not helping our economy, people, or anything. War is not the answer. "Together we stand and divided we fall." Please do not make our nation suffer. We are a peaceful nation and we stick together. If we stand together and forget about the war, we won't have to fall divided at all, but we'll still be standing tall. So, please, take into thought my statement, forget about the war on Iraq.