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The Delph

Posted by Tim Frith,
Friday, May 2, 2003

Having lived facing The Delph since 1992 it is only as a result of this discussion that I was made aware that there was a group reprresenting the interests of The Delph. Having lived close to an open space in the past, which was then built on, I am very grateful that we have people willing to fight for the future of The Delph. Further to the complaints about The Shed I think it would be of advantage to everyone that the problem of dogs running loose leaving dog mess, that the owners fail to collect, should be addressed. Many children play on The Delph and are wide open to any infection from abandoned dog faeces. The other worry is the number of very young children allowed to light bonfires without any apparent adult supervision. Not only is this a probable danger to the children involved but it is very frustrating, when the warmer weather arrives, not to be able to open windows due to smelly billowing smoke. The Delph is for public use, lets look after it.

ps: Congratulations to the people who had a late evening bonfire at Easter. They came along the following day and cleared all the litter up. Very commendable

Posted by Josephine Hartley,
Thursday, May 22, 2003

Since all the people who are participating in the discussion about The Delph seem to live within about 50 yards of each other, wouldn't it make sense for you to actually meet up and talk about the issues that seem to be bothering you all instead of hurling insults and insinuations through this website. Surely happy community living is about talking,listening and understanding each other's points of view. The Delph might seem to be a major issue but really it's a tiny part of this troubled world in which we are living at the moment,so do try and sort out what seems to be a minor problem in the whole scheme of things without further ado. It's getting boring!!!