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Open Meeting

Posted by Liz Anstee,

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Flippancy of the agenda aside I think Steve's suggestion of an open meeting of the owners of Steepfields Association [this means all of us living within half a mile radius of Steepfields] would help clarify the situation of who the trustees are acting on behalf of [I am one and its not clear to me on whose authority I am acting]and I think august 16th would be a good date. However the venue proposed should be on neutral territory - how about Tourist Information Centre if its available?

In the interim I think it would be appropriate for me as a trustee to ask Peter Verney to post his resubmission for planning permission on the website and for the other trustees and I to impose a moratorium on the building of the shed even if planning permission is granted until the owners opinions on the above issues have been clarified.