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BNP in Mixenden

Posted by Kate,
Friday, January 24, 2003

I am really angry that the BNP have now got a seat in Mixenden and by such a small margin!

Mixenden has always been a strong Labour area, so I deliberately used a tactical vote (for Labour), to keep out the BNP, assuming that anyone else who would never vote BNP would follow suit. Obviously not.

As I am unfortunate enough to live in Mixenden, I am quite concerned about the area becoming even worse. And even more concerned (call me hysterical) that there may be rallying or riots around there. Or that this may kick-off riots in Halifax, with the King Cross area coming under fire :-(

Posted by Paul,
Thursday, February 20, 2003

Many people share your concern. These Nazis shipped in thugs from around the country. Obediently besuited Mark Collet, recently exposed in his own words as a Nazi by Channel 4 was in the area to help pull off the "we're respectable now" con.

The Anti Nazi League has contacts in Mixenden and across Calderdale. We are seeking to pull people together to expose and oppose this threat to all.

A no collaboration with Nazis lobby of Halifax council is due to take place 5 - 7pm 26 February at the Town Hall.

Anyone wishing to assist see www.anl.org.uk for info, ideas and to get in touch.