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House of Lords Reform Betrayal

Posted by Councillor Christine Bampton-Smith,

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

One of New Labour's manifesto commitments was to bring about a democratically elected Second Chamber.

Should I have been surpised to read that on the last day of this Parliament, the Prime Minister has, yet again, betrayed our trust and put back the reform of the House of Lords. Worse still, we are left with a system of appointment to membership of the House which will inevitably lead to the view that it will become a tool of the Government, through the increase in the numbers of Tony's Cronies.

I consider that a Second Chamber that can act as a challenge to Government and ensure detailed scrutiny of new legislation is essential. Will it ever happen, somehow I doubt it if this Government continues to betray our trust, as it has been doing over many issues in this term of office.

No wonder the people who we ask to vote are disillusioned.