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Steepfields Shed

Posted by Liz Anstee,

Friday, August 15, 2003

Apparently Peter Verney is holding an open day on 17th August for people who want to discuss the retrospective planning application he has made to Calderdale MBC for his potting shed.

Questions will be answered between 5pm and 7pm but apparently anyone can visit throughout the day. I don't know if Peter will be in residence for all of that time. Has anyone seen any of the posters he has apparently displayed inviting people? I haven't and only got to know about this by having sight of an email he sent to Stuart Brown, Labour councillor. Perhaps he's only inviting people whose influence he hopes to gain in the planning decision. So much for openness....

Posted by Annie Conboy,

Friday, August 22, 2003

I got a leaflet through my door and assume everyone else bordering the delph did also. If not, I wonder what my influence is? ....

Perhaps because I subscribe to the view that this war between factions has become so deeply entrenched that no-one can possibly win, let alone arrive at a negotiated settlement. (Those people with BIG sheds already are probably keeping a low profile). The rest of us are most likely bored with the whole thing.