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The "Green Roof" Shed Controversy...

Posted by Peter Verney,
Friday, August 15, 2003

Interested in "green" allotment buildings? Welcome to the Open Day at the EcoShed on Lee View Road Sunday 17th August.

An official "Q&A" session starts at 5pm, but you are welcome at any time from 10.30 am - 6pm. This is the first in a series of open days, so if you would prefer to visit at another scheduled time, then please contact us.

The plan is for a shed with a "green" earth roof growing alpines and mountain strawberries, rather like the much-admired Colden School extension. It sits over the foundations of an old greenhouse. This exact spot has had an outbuilding on it for a century - there's one marked on the 1905 map of Hebden Bridge.

Our aim - as three neighbours - is to blend this shared potting shed / shelter into its surroundings, growing plants on the roof and sides, using water run-off efficiently, and creating a "3D garden" with bat/bird-boxes under the roof.

Inspiration came from the Alternative Technology Centres at Hebden Bridge, Machynlleth and Doncaster; Barbara Jones of Todmorden's book on straw-bale building, and Treesponsibility.

It's made out of recycled wood, with floorboards and joists from the demolition of a school in Bradford, and telegraph poles to hold up the earth roof.

Sadly it looks bare because we can't plant the roof until the planning question is settled (see the Hebden Bridge Times, 15 August). But do please come and visit, to see for yourselves.

Peter Verney, 22 Lee View, Hebden Bridge, W.Yorks HX7 8LQ Tel: 01422 844176