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Steepfields: open meeting

Posted by Liz Anstee,
Tuesday, September 2, 2003

The Steepfields Association of Hebden Bridge will be holding an Extraordinary/Annual General Meeting on 8th September 2003 at the Ground Floor centre in Salem Mill between then times of 6-30 pm and 8-00pm.

Everyone who has an interest in the land known as the Village Green and the allotments which form the delph area between Windsor Road,Lee Mill Road and Highfield Crescent should attend.

The purpose of the meeting is to clarify and strengthen the constitution of the association and agendas will be available on the night.

If you need further information you can call Nessa Dear [chair] on 01422 844856 or Liz Anstee [trustee]on 01422 842688 or you can email Liz Anstee.

Posted by Peter Verney,
Friday, September 5, 2003

Some questions:

Is there an implicit or explicit obligation upon Steep Fields Association (SFA) trustees

  1. To inform and consult the Steep Fields Area Residents in general?
  2. To ensure adequate representation of the Steep Fields Area Residents' views in discussion and decisionmaking?
  3. To facilitate dialogue between conflicting points of view?
  4. Does this include, for example:
  5. Adequate advertising of its existence, its role, and of any meetings (i.e not just on a website, which is no use for notifying non-netheads)?
  6. Making available the original constitution of the SFA, its articles of association and/or other relevant documents pertaining to its establishiment, structure and procedures?
  7. A code of practice for alerts on issues such as encroachment, litter and noise, with a sensible time frame for appropriate action?
  8. What safeguards are there regarding:
  9. Adequate canvassing of opinion?
  10. Clarity in making decisions?
  11. Consistency in keeping decisions?
  12. How the SFA can be assisted by residents in living up to any such responsibilities?

Posted by Liz Anstee,
Saturday, September 6, 2003

Advertising of the meeting on Monday 8th September 2003 has been placed in the Hebden Bridge Times ,on posters around the half mile radius that comprises Steepfields Association and by word of mouth.

The purpose of the meeting as stated is to clarify and strengthen the constitution and the role of the trustees to more effectively manage the Steepfields area. The questions Peter poses will be addressed by the new structure the trustees are proposing to set up at the meeting, though the questions themselves will not be on that night. Such questions will be the subject of the first meeting of the newly formed management group.