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Living in Hebden

Posted by Chris,
September 8, 2003

I lived on Slack Bottom near Heptonstall in 63 and 64 as an 11 yr old approx. I remember Mr. Waugh the Head Master, Mr. Scofield the duck breeder, a river with stepping stones, Looking out back and seeing Shackleton Hill, Stoodley Pike, the Bowker's beautiful German shepherd who ate all our blueberries, and a Lord Garnoch who Mom said was son of the Earl of Buccleuch. We played with Carolines and Janes. We also lived on Northgate in a cottage next to Mrs. Horsefall. Now I live in Toronto and I think of moving back sometimes. Sounds expensive and very snowy compared to this city. I can get Brit passport if I want. Both parents from Britain. Thoughts anyone?

Posted by John Atack,
Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Canada v Hebden

You surprise me. The expense of a move back may merit consideration especially given today's prices for anything that can boast a mullion window or two. But the weather? I know for a fact that your onetime titled neighbour was most upset to find that, when pursuing his hobby of railway photography in Canada, his camera shutter froze up. The winter of '63 was a bit parky but I suspect that, on average, you've suffered worse over the years. Grasp the nettle, and come back to warmer climes at the centre of the universe. (On second thoughts, grasp a sweet nettle and bring a handful back...you could thereby import a secret ingredient and become World Dock Pudding Champion.)