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The Scandal of Calderdale College
Management & Governors

Posted by Richard Hull,
Saturday, September 27, 2003

I am totally amazed that there has been no response to the news that Calderdale College recently became the first FE college in the country to fail a QAA quality inspection because of inadequate learning resources. Whilst a small number of higher education courses at FE colleges have failed the rigorous inspections of the University quality watchdog, QAA, this is the first time that a failure has been blamed firmly on college management for not providing the proper resources.

What amazes me more is that a search of the College's website reveals a total lack of discussion of the damning QAA report, and a lack of Governors' Meeting minutes since April this year.

Similarly, a search of the Halifax Evening Courier website also reveals a 'news blackout' on this issue. Evening Courier journalists clearly do not read HebWeb News!!

Although the Courier did cover the recent premature closure of a number of A level courses, leaving around 20 students "high and dry", the Courier seems determined not to attack the college management and Governors. Could there be any connection between College management, Governors and the Halifax Courier?? Budding investigative journalists can start with the membership of the Governing body of the so-called 'Corporation', here.

The QAA report can be found here:

An earlier OFSTED report, equally damning, can be found here:

Finally - why oh why aren't the relevant trades unions at the college active on these matters?

Perhaps it is time for an independant union of Calderdale College teaching staff.

I don't teach there, thankfully, and most of the people I know who used to teach there have left in disgust - all of them highly skilled and capable people.

So - if any of you out there work at Calderdale College - get agitating, and best of luck!!

All the best,

Posted by Mildrid Round,
Monday, October 25, 2004

As an employee of the college I can echo what Richard has said.

The kind of stuff that goes on here is an absolute disgrace.