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Kerbside Recyclers

Posted by Les Siddall,
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Having operated an eco box service in Hebden royd since 1997 what a disaster if we let Kerbside and the ecobox service go under for the sake of a miserable 36000. The council are fools if they think they can collect all the materials which kerbside does. So landfill will yet again suffer the consequence of the short sighted approach and our environment will suffer.

I was the former Chair of Kerbside and know that through recycling a heck of a lot of people with learning difficulties have found great joy whilst at Kerbside how sad that their welfare is not put before what is really a trifling sum of money.

Posted by Janice Sayer,
Wednesday, October 22, 2003

It's ironic that, on the front page of the HB Times of October 10th the main story is about a 1.6 million scheme to transform Gibson Mill into "an internationally-famous model of green technology" but directly above it is a story about Kerbside's financial problems! We already have a strong green element with the Alternative Technology Centre and should also be proud of the Kerbside scheme. If this was rescued, maybe we could advertise HB as a "Green Town" as well as a "Fairtrade Town".

Also, The Household Waste Recycling Act 2003, as it will become after Royal Assent, places a duty upon local authorities to provide a collection of at least two types of recyclable waste from every household by the year 2010. I know this is a few years down the line but I bet it would be easier and cheaper for Calderdale to inject some money into Kerbside now rather than having to re-establish a similar scheme in the future.

Posted by Councillor Susan Press (Labour),
Thursday, October 30, 2003

I think it is shameful that Calderdale Council are continuing to do absolutely nothing to rectify the problems of Kerbside - unfortunately, local councillors in the parish of Hebden Royd don't have the statutory powers to make our Conservative-led council do something - I would urge people fed-up at their attitude to write and protest in the strongest possible terms.....