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Gaza Tales

Sample: One fighter after weeks of civilians

Last night, Monday, at about 5am, one of our calls was to Jazeera Hotel in Al Mina (the port area) which had been shelled by Israeli ships. When we first arrived it seemed there was no-one there, but eventually the medics retrieved the two caretakers from under the rubble. 50 year old Faieq Moshtaha had shrapnel injuries but was able to walk and was put into our accompanying ambulance, 33 year old Helmi Moshtaha had shrapnel inuries and a deep head wound and was stretchered into my ambulance.

From Sharyn Lock


Tales To Tell


From Jason Elliott

Rather than personal ramblings, most posts relate to community events.

Jason's blog

Jason's blog

Sample: Sarkozy, Brown and Hebden Bridge Transition Town

If you were wondering what Sarkozy, Brown and the Hebden Bridge Transition Town group have in common, you're right, it's not a great deal. Although, the former two have been vocalising recently what many people, the HBTT included, have known for quite a while; that it is fundamentally essential to change the current model of society and move to a fairer, less self-centered, less carbon-reliant and more locally-based economy.

As I'm sure you know, a group of local people have been looking at ways to make Hebden Bridge a more robust and sustainable place for the future and recently agreed to move this idea forward under the Transition Towns banner in order to make use of the wealth of networking and educational resources available by doing this.


Blog of left wing activist. Interesting insights into the machinations of Labour politics. The blog comments mainly on national issues but there are regular pieces on local issues, especially about Susan seeking the Labour nomination in Keighley

Sample: Don't Spend it all at Once

Like most on the left. I'm a bit of a fan of the co-op and at the beginning of this year I was pleased to join the newly invigorated local society and eagerly looked forward to my "divi" at the end of the year. I had already decided it would be spent on luxuries like cava and smoked salmon so imagine my excitement when on getting back from London this afternoon the long-awaited letter was on the mat. However what a sad disapointment to discover my share of the profits for 2008 will be....... £3.74. Just about enough to buy a discounted bottle of plonk - or scrabble together a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Commiserations to others in Calder Valley similarly disappointed......

From Susan Press,
Mayor of Hebden Royd, 2008-9

Susan Press



Daily entries from Hebden Royd Town Councillor and Mytholmroyd vicar.

Sample: Reject

She was very angry... at 13 she has been rejected by her natural parents, at war with her adoptive parents and now in trouble with her foster parents... she thinks she will hide for a bit.

Mind you she has been in a fight with another girl over not a lot really and so the school has given her an exclusion order. But because she is at risk she is excluded in attendance, which I don't understand logically but understand pastorally.

I really like the girl, for all her troubles, she sings and dances and smiles and talks non stop and will be a beautiful woman, if she survives. I pray tonight she will, the world needs more troubled survivors.

From Cllr Rev James Allison

Cllr Rev James Allison

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Occasional blog from our talented local novelist and poet.
Blog writing at its finest.

Sample: Heaven, Hell, and Mr. Wesley

Even today, one cannot travel far here without being made aware of the power of both mill and chapel, in West Yorkshire as in other districts that were power-centres of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Britain. . . . .
. . . . Spiritually and intellectually too, its values vanished overnight, and seem incomprehensible, and to be ridiculed. Was it Harold Wilson, or someone else, who first announced the once much repeated, “The British Labour Movement owes more to Methodism than to Marx”? Where has that particular pride vanished in New Labour Britain? It disappeared with the abolition of heavy industry: Mrs Thatcher’s revolution.

Glyn Hughes

Glyn Hughes

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