Lindsay Rimer: police to question murderer

Police are to question the man convicted of the murder of Leeds teenager, 16 year old Leanne Tiernan about the unsolved murder of Hebden Bridge teenager, Lindsay Rimer.

Lindsay went missing on 7th November 1994 when she was 13. Her body was not found until 12th April the next year. The Hebden Bridge Web has continually reported the case of Lindsay Rimer and will continue to do so until her killer is arrested.

One of our correspondents to the Discussion Forum wrote in 1999: "Teachers are subject to inspection. Doctors are going to be. What about the police? There may be good reasons why no arrest has been made, but how do we know? Why haven't they caught Lindsey's murderer? Maybe, it's time for a fresh team to take over the investigation." In our Hot Debate section, we point out that Lindsay's is just one of three unsolved murders in our locality.

In this evening's Halifax Courier, Lindsay's mother, Geri Rimer is reported as saying:

John Taylor"We don't know definitely whether there is any link with Lindsay's killer and the man who killed Leanne Tiernan at the moment. I would just ask people to think back and try and remember if they did see this man at the time Lindsay disappeared."

This is not the first time police have interviewed men convicted of sex crimes about Lindsay. As reported in the Hebweb in November 1998, police questioned Halifax man John Oswin about the murder of Lindsay Rimer after he was given life imprisonment for the rape of two women and the indecent assault of two girls. Oswin's horrific attacks were on females on canal tow paths late at night

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