Stop the War petition

Sunday, September 8, 2002

Stop the War petition

Thanks to Chris Green for the photos and this news

Calderdale Against the War received tremendous local support at a stall on Saturday morning 14th September. Hundreds of petitions were signed and petition sheets ran out. Leaflets distributed quoted from families of people who died on September 11th "The contemplated invasion of Iraq means that more American and potentially British service people and civilians will die. We need your help to ensure the anniversary of 11th September is not used to promote more war and violence."

The existing bombing campaign has cost the lives of thousands of Iraqui civilians, and costs the British taxpayer 60 million per year, and it seems likely that the war will escalate despite the determined opposition of most of the Labour movement including both local MP's.

A coach will be going to the massive national demonstration in London on Saturday September 28th leaving Hebden Bridge at 07.30. a.m. For local details see or telephone 0775-954449390. For downloadable petitions and national information see

Chris Green adds

The guy on the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund stall next to ours was so incensed at the popularity of our stall that he called the police to try and shut it down. Unfortunately he didn't realise that the aim of not getting people (either armed or the vastly greater number of civilians) killed in an unnecessary conflict will be of great benefit to his organisation too.

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