Campaign to save New Delight
Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Over the past few years, the Hebweb has documented the closure of several of our best local pubs - the Mount Skip, the top Shoulder of Mutton, the Nutclough and now it seems we might lose the New Delight in Colden.

New Delight
Above: after the Kart Race at the New Delight

The owners of the New Delight in Colden closed the pub on June 12th and declared that they would seek planning permission to turn it into a private residence.

But a campaign group has formed in response to the threat, determined not lose a vital community resource. The group came together soon after the New Delight was closed, and sought the support of Blackshaw Parish Council to oppose any permission for change of use from pub to private house. The Council agreed to give support, and offered advice based on the experience they have gained over the recent closure of the Top Shoulder at Blackshaw Head. The campaign group wants to see the pub advertised for sale at a realistic price, so that it can open its doors again to the community as soon as possible.

The campaign group issued the following statement: "There are lots of reasons why the owners couldn’t make a go of it — but this pub has made a profit before, and it will do again. We are not going to stand by while the social centre of our small community is taken from us. The Duck Race down the river, the Kart Race down the hill, the bonfire in the field, carol-singing, PTA meetings, live bands — all these events depend on that particular pub. We call on everybody who has ever enjoyed a pint or a meal in the New Delight to join us and support our campaign."

In their appeal to the Parish Council, the group described the closure of the New Delight as a ‘business plan’, following the same strategy as the sale of the Top Shoulder. "As everyone knows, the building is worth considerably more as a private residence than a public house — this is a rape of the community’s natural assets".

The group is newly-formed, and as yet unnamed, but it already has a plan of action to challenge the closure. Publicity is seen as vital, and posters and leaflets are now in the pipeline. The slogan: No Newdy, No Delight — Save Our Pub! will soon be appearing all over town. Watch this space…….

New Delight
Above: outside the pub