Peace demos this Saturday

Friday, March 21, 2003

National Protest London, Saturday 22nd

The demonstration will assemble at 12 Noon. There will be two assembly points, as on 15 February: [A] Gower Street and [B] Embankment and will march to Hyde Park.

Coaches for Halifax Calderdale Against the War - Juliet 078100 11710.

Stop the War site

March for Peace, Manchester, Saturday 22nd

All Saint's Park, by Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Road at 1.00pm. Rally in the Peace Gardens.

Manchester Stop The War Site


MENWITH HILL, Saturday 22nd - Foil the Base - a day of peaceful creative direct action at the biggest US spy base in the world. Meet 12 midday at the main gate.

For more info please get in touch: e-mail or phone 07905 913 139.

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