TIC to become Chippy

According to the Halifax Courier (10th January), there are plans to turn the current Tourist Information Centre building into a chip shop.

The new 2 million canal interpretation centre beside the canal will be much smaller, and will not have gallery or meeting rooms the current building has. Local artists have been able to exhibit their work for the past 25 years and the meeting room has been an important resource for many local groups.

There is some local concern and anger about the way ownership of the current TIC, a fine looking building in the centre of town, was transferred to the canal centre developers Halifax Property Restoration Ltd after a deal was reached between them and Calderdale Council. According to the Courier, mystery surrounds how much money exchanged hands for the premises with the council refusing to disclose details of the arrangement. A spokesman for Calderdale Council said HPR Ltd wanted to make the building a fish and chip shop and apartment complex.
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