Riverside Music Festival: 12-13 July 2003

Thursday, July 3, 2003

Riverside Festival

Over the past 8 years The Riverside Music Festival has become a vehicle for bringing together a community divided by differences in lifestyle, affluence, world views and hopes for the future. Young people, older people, socially and financially excluded groups, business people, people with disabilities, ethnic minority groups and the long term unemployed, all put aside any differences they might have and work together to stage one of the biggest and most technically challenging voluntary community events in Yorkshire.

Riverside 2003 is again intended to provide a free two day public showcase for the arts.

Riverside Festival

Local musicians, and new up- coming bands, comedians, poets, painters, sculptors and drama groups will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and delight the crowds both on and off the stage to a crowd of over 5000 people using 'state of the art' performance equipment. . As before, technicians, sound engineers, lighting engineers and film - makers will all volunteer their time and skills to re-create the magic which is Riverside.

The Riverside Music and Arts festival is staged by the Community, and is wholly dependent upon their talents and energies. It is undertaken entirely for the benefit of those people living and working in the mid - Pennines and the Upper Calder Valley. The event is not only a showcase - bringing a modern, rich and diverse Pennine culture to the attention of the rest of the region, but is also a celebration of the skills, energies and determination of a rural community striving for recognition in a changing modern world.

We feel that the social, economic and cultural regeneration of an area is dependent upon people working together - solving problems and rising to meet any challenge. If the quality of the dialogue between generations is poor, then issues such as crime, poor social housing, the environment and the economy will never be solved in any meaningful and sustainable way. If possible solutions are not communicated effectively between social groups then the challenges all of us face over the next 1000 years will look that much more terrifying.

Crucial to the successful resolution of any challenge is the communication of solutions to the next generation - a generation for whom arguably, the established political and economic institutions of our country are beginning to fail.

When a whole community is brought together at an event such a Riverside only good can come of it. Talking, listening and trying to understand people whom you would never ordinarily choose to meet - and any recognition of their efforts for the community - is the first and most difficult step towards taking sustainable action to safeguard all of our futures.

This year the organising committee is once again seeking to improve the quality and variety of the artists appearing› on› the main stage,› in the dance tent, acoustic tent and cool art cafe and also to provide more activities for children, more food , more stalls, more everything!</font>

The Hebden Bridge Alternative Technology Centre, will be advising us once again on how to make the event more environmentally friendly. Over the two days of the festival they will also be raising awareness and encouraging people to adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

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