Wireless experiment at Mythomroyd Gala

Sunday, September 7, 2003

3-C, the new local cooperative and broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider), set up a wireless Internet network at this year's Mytholmroyd Gala. Using Burnley Road School's Internet connection, a wireless network was established from the Head's office across the whole field. Laptops were able to connect to the Internet anywhere in the field.

The Hebden Bridge Web and the Mytholmroyd Net used the connection to upload photos just taken of the Gala directly to the local websites.

3-C signups at Mytholmroyd Gala

This was done from the 3-C stall where people were being encouraged to pay their £1 and sign up as members of the recently formed co-operative, which now has 200 members. 3-C is going to provide broadband as it becomes enabled.

Visitors to the stall with 01422 88XXXX numbers were also encouraged to register their interest with BT, which they were able to do using the 3-C wireless connection to the Internet. Although Hebden Bridge is about to be broadband enabled, the Calder Valley exchange which covers Mytholmroyd and surrounding areas still does not have a date for broadband. BT want 500 to pre-register - there are still around 100 more pre-registrations needed.

Following the success of the experiment, 3-C hopes that within a few months, members will be able to connect to the Internet from wireless enabled laptops anywhere in the centre of Hebden Bridge.

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