Birchchliffe Road Closure

Update: Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Following the obvious public discontent about the proposed closure of Birchcliffe Road, Yorkshire water have decided to postpone the works until they have consulted with the public. At the moment I do not have many details accept that they will be leafleting Birchcliffe and holding a public meeting on the 14th January 2004 (I have not yet been told the venue). They will then be making a decision about how to undertake the works by 25th of January 2004. When I have any more information Ill pass it one, else keep an eye on the Hebden Bridge Times which will carry more details. - NY

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Many thanks to Nigel Yorke, Hebden Royd Town Councillor for sending us the following item

On 12th of January 2004 Calderdale Council intend to close Birchcliffe road for seven weeks. The closure will be from just beyond the junction of School Street for about 50 metres up the hill. The road will be closed to all traffic. The intended diversion will be via Pecket Well and Old Town.

The road is being closed to allow Yorkshire Water to carry out essential repairs to the mains running under the road.

To help traffic flow, the short lane running from The Nutclough to Birchcliffe Road, called "Eiffel Buildings" will have temporary double yellow lines painted to prevent anyone from parking on the lane.

Also, the length of Sandy Gate from Birchcliffe Road to Walker Lane(?) will be made one way, running up from Hebden to Old Town, again to help traffic flow.

Clearly this situation is going to cause considerable disruption to the residents of Birchcliffe, Old Town, and Dodnaze.

Some of the main issues are:

  • Lack of public announcement of this plan
  • A very long re-routing of traffic over the tops in winter
  • The length of time of the closure
  • The considerable general disruption

Many locals will use Marlborough Road as a unofficial diversion, as was the case during the last closure. Marlborough Road is very steep, narrow, cobbled, and crucially, not gritted in the winter hence a very dangerous alternative.

Actions Needed

  • Calderdale Council need to raise public awareness about these plans.
  • Pressure needs to be placed on Yorkshire Water to ensure the work is carried out in the shortest possible time
  • Consideration needs to be given to the possibility of using traffic lights to allow limited flow of traffic along Birchcliffe Road..

More information can be obtained from Mr Colin Storton on 01422 392931 (Calderdale Council)

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