June 2004 election results

Friday, June 11, 2004

Calderdale results: Calder ward (1.50pm)
  • Janet Battye (Lib-Dem): 1515 votes - elected
  • Michael Taylor (Lib-Dem): 1485 votes - elected
  • Nader Fekri (Lib-Dem): 1436 votes - elected
  • Paul Palmer (Green Party): 1210 votes
  • Stewart Brown (Lab): 1183 votes
  • Annette Getty (Cons): 1062 votes
  • Kari Mawhood (Lab): 1007 votes
  • Susan Press (Lab): 1000 votes
  • Beverley Carter (Cons): 934 votes
  • Barrie Henderson (Cons): 885 votes
  • Louise Castro (Red and Green): 347 votes
  • Kenneth Albert Hall (Red and Green): 259 votes

A delighted Paul Palmer told the Hebden Bridge Web, shortly after the result was declared, that this shows what a bright future the Green Movement has in our area, and he is confident that now people have seen that the Green vote is not a wasted one, next time the Green Party candidate could win.

Liberal Democrats Christine Bampton-Smith, Jane Brown and Peter Coles won the three seats in the Luddenden Foot ward where the BNP candidate polled 700 votes, ahead of 2 Labour and one Conservative candidates

Calder Valley MP Christine MacCafferty spoke on Radio Four's World at One today. She argued that for Tony Blair to remain as Prime Minister, he needs to admit that he got it wrong over Iraq, and even apologise. Chris MacCafferty said that almost all the good things done by the Labour Government were being obliterated, in people's mind, by the shadow of Iraq.

Listen to the interview on the BBC website - if you can adjust your Player, it's about 17 minutes into the programme.

Labour have lost control of Labour stronghold, Burnley.

This is the first election for which Hebden Bridge has its own ward: Calder. Previously Hebden Bridge was part of Calder Valley and Luddenden Foot wards.

The turnout in Calder was well over the national average: 52.87% of the 8603 registered to vote actually did so.

Calder ward results were here on the Hebweb before anywhere else, including the BBC, Calderdale Council site and the Courier.

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