"Write on" graffiti - street art hits HB

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Young people painted the town 'red' at the weekend when they sprayed graffiti over a brand new flat.

Hebden graffiti

But the incident proved that not all youngsters are tarred with the same brush when they spray painted part of the Mango Development's mill conversion in Hebden Bridge.

Parent, Stephen Farrell, of Eiffel Street, Hebden Bridge, who helped organise the 'write on' event, said: "This wasn't an act of mindless vandalism. It was part of a serious attempt by my son, Oliver and his friends to show that street art is a legitimate form of expression. We want to work with Hebden Royd and Calderdale Councils to provide somewhere legitimate for street art."

Hebden graffiti

There was a resounding demand from all the young people: "Other councils have legal graffiti walls why can't we have one here?"

A legal wall in Hebden Bridge would give us a chance to show off our skills where it's safe and close, said George Forsyth, another of the young artists.

"Street art isn't just vandalism we want an acceptable way of expressing ourselves." said Oliver Farrell.

Hebden graffiti

All the group of young people and their parents are asking for is a safe, legal place to do their art. The group do not condone the graffiti that's found defacing walls and local buildings.

The young people are appealing to Hebden Royd and Calderdale Council, local and British Transport Police and the support of local businesses to:

  • Provide space to show their work
  • Convene a local meeting to hear from other councils such as Rochdale about how they balance a tough approach to dealing with illegal graffiti and provide legal places for the art.
  • Support a festival of responsible graffiti art as part of next year's Hebden Bridge Arts festival.
  • Provide a legal wall

Hebden graffiti

This was part of the Hebden Bridge Arts festival. It was sponsored by Styles and Wood in association with Mango Development and Salmo Insurance. Emulsion paint supplied by CommunityRe:Paint. It was supported by Calderdale Cares, an initiative of Business in the Community.

Styles and Wood, a national retail property services company, were the main sponsors of this event.

Hebden graffiti

Styles and Wood is introducing a series of new initiatives as part of its business in the community. The news comes just six months after launching "Styles & Wood In The Community", an initiative which aims to have a positive impact on society, in particular concentrating on sport and education for young people. Sponsoring the street art event was an example of this approach.

Hebden graffiti

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