Plans for Linden Mill Bank resubmitted.

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

On Friday 3rd December it was revealed that a new planning application for a development of "10 semi-detached dwellings" had been submitted to Calderdale Council for the woodland behind Linden Mill.

The wood is co-owned by local businessmen David Fletcher and Philip Bintliffe who together form the 3045 Group. Philip Bintliffe of Studio Baad is also the architect of Green Tops' development on the Millpond site.

Last summer the 3045 Group submitted a similar application to develop the land. This was rejected by Calderdale Council on 3rd September who cited the large number of protected trees on the site and the damage that would be caused to them as a result of any development as a main reason for not allowing the application. The 3045 Group have appealed against this decision.

It seems the 3045 Group are attempting to remove the major obstacle to their plans by applying to have some of the protected trees felled. As reported on the HebWeb last week, this was a move which the local residents predicted would precede another planning application.

Updates will appear on the HebWeb.

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