The Confession of Brother Wormwood

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Little Theatre, Saturday 15 January, 8pm

"Laughter they say is the best tonic . . . North Country Theatre's latest offering ought to be available on prescription". A riotious tale of medieval skullduggery - perfect hilarious entertainment for those dull January nights."

Buy your tickets 9 (concessions 8) at the Arts Festival Shop (Albert Street) this weekend - Saturday 18 Dec from 10-4 or Sunday 19 Dec from 11-2.30. Also a display of excellent last minute gifts from Northlights Studios. Tickets can also be bought by leaving a message on the answerphone 01422 842684.

LAUGHTER, they say is the best tonic. If so, then tickets for North Country Theatre's latest offering ought w be available on prescription.

The Confession of Brother Wormwood, which opened in Richmond and tours the North and Midlands for the next three months, is billed as a medieval tale ol murder, miracles and dirty habits.

It's also a lesson in ingenuity and innovation with the simplest of revolving sets whisking the audience from the not so hallowed aisels of a fourteenth century abbey to the colour and excitement of the Crusades. Cue one of the evening's best giggles - a gag about the Holy Land "heathens having huge catapults which ca be ready in 45 minutes.

The title role is handled wonderfully by Adrian Metcalfe as a sort of cross between Middle Ages sleuth Brother Cadfael and something straight from the annals of Blackadder.

A simple bench and three stools are the only stage props to speak of, becoming an altar, seats, a bath and even a horse which prompted a round of applause for sheer ingenuity.

Darlington and Stockton Times

"A hilarious fast moving tale, seemingly impossible that this multiplicity of characters was played by only four actors and an ingenious revolving set"
Cumberland & Westmorland Herald.

The Confession of Brother Wormwood

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