Appeal for a legal Street Art wall

Appeal for a legal Street Art wall

Chris McCafferty supports appeal for a legal Street Art wall in Hebden Bridge.

Young people are clambering for opportunities to show and improve their artistic skills.

Another successful day was organised by young people and their parents on Good Friday. Over 70 young artists and visitors gathered in Hebden Bridge. Funding was provided by the Calderdale Community Safety partnership

It was the latest event organised by the Hebden Bridge Street Artists to provide an alternative to illegal graffiti and as part of their campaign for a legal wall. Young artists of all ages came from throughout the Calder Valley. Well known artists from outside the area were also invited to show their skills and demonstrate their art.

It was a great day, many people turned out. The art work was an excellent quality.

Chris McCafferty MP joined the young people for the day. Chris said:

“I really enjoyed my afternoon, trying out graffiti with the young artists in Hebden Bridge. My efforts were pretty pitiful, next to the very professional art the young people produced. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

I am fully in support of events like this, which promote the legitimate aspects of street art. I wrote to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, following the graffiti art exhibition last October and the Government is fully behind legal graffiti projects like this one, which are a great way for young people to meet and share experiences, as well as producing fantastic art.

Like everyone here, I am completely against illegal graffiti and vandalism in the town. However, I am fully behind the group’s call for a legal wall in Hebden Bridge on which to express themselves.

The group are also looking at having a women’s only workshop, to try and involve more young women in this art form and I think this is a great idea.

No-one who popped in on the day to see the work for themselves could fail to be impressed. I would like to thank all the young artists as well as their backers for an excellent day.”

Stephen Farrell one of the parents together with his son Oliver Farrell and friend George Forsyth have been the main organisers.

Stephen said: “I am very impressed with the organising skills of George and Ols, their commitment and the fun they’ve created for so many more young people. We’ve now been working on this for over a year and it has involved: fund-raising, meetings with the Council and organising six separate events. In my opinion the young people have shown how responsible they are and we should respond by giving them a legal place and more funding to create their art. I’ll be contacting Calderdale Council to ask for their support for a legal wall in Hebden Bridge.”

This was another example of how local businesses, in this case: Fourward Engineering, Rushmore and Setbray Properties are supporting this exciting project.

The group's next events will be organised for small groups of beginners or those who’ve had a go at Street art but want to improve their skills. Anyone who is interested should email Stephen.


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