"Votes For Peace" Pressure Group
endorses Calder Valley MP

Monday, March 7, 2005

An important national pressure group, "Votes for Peace", have endorsed Calder Valley MP Chris McCafferty for her stance over the war in Iraq, and for her support for international peace and justice.

Vote4Peace is an independent campaign helping elect pro-peace MPs in the forthcoming general election. They are supporting mainstream candidates in marginal constituencies where a few votes will make a difference. So far they have identified almost 40 MPs and prospective candidates deserving money and volunteers. Most are Labour or Lib Dem, some Plaid Cymru or SNP. All voted against the Iraq war and share Vote4Peace's core values of peace, democracy, and human rights.

Chris McCafferty has told the Hebden Bridge Web:

"I am very pleased to be one of only forty Members of Parliament who are being endorsed by Vote4Peace at the next General Election. I know that very many people in Calder Valley shared my concerns about the use of military force in Iraq.

"Throughout my life, I have believed that international relations have to be conducted in a framework of peace, democracy and human rights, and I am pleased to have my stance on this issue endorsed by this non-party movement.

"It is important that people remember that the final vote on the use of military force against Iraq was a free vote, and that therefore the individual position of Members of Parliament is critical if we are to make sure that the next Parliament is less likely to consider using military force again should similar circumstances arise. Vote4Peace are clearly recommending that if people want to back that position in the next General Election, the best option in Calder Valley is for them to give me their support."

Vote4Peace are part of a wider internet-based campaign, Waging Peace, who describe themselves as "a mainstream, progressive, non-partisan political advocacy group, based around the Internet. At a time when faith in old political structures has collapsed, we aim to influence decision-makers on such matters as war and peace, defending and extending democracy, the environment and human rights.

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