Aerial thermal survey results now online

Monday, 19 October 2009

Calderdale residents can now check online how much heat they’re losing through their roofs. This launch coincides with Energy Saving Trust’s – ‘Energy Saving Week’ initiative.

The Council commissioned a company specialising in airborne surveys to undertake the survey. One plane completed 3 flights over the borough on the evenings of 23rd, 25th and 28th March 2009. The survey was carried out in clear, cold and dry weather conditions. There was no snow cover on buildings.

The results won't be valid if the heating was turned off at the time of the survey.

The information collected was analysed and has now been presented in an indicative colour scale. This shows greatest heat loss for energy inefficient buildings, through to minimal heat loss from the more energy efficient buildings (or those not heated) when the survey was carried out.

Residents and business owners can now see a digital map that shows relative heat loss from their roofs. The survey was commissioned by Calderdale Council and Pennine Housing 2000 to help property owners and residents check and understand how well their homes are insulated.

Councillor Amanda Byrne, Portfolio Holder for the Economy and Environment says; “Calderdale Council is committed to helping householders and business owners reduce their energy costs and take practical steps to make properties more energy efficient and save money on their bills.”

According to the Energy Saving Trust, residents in an un-insulated three bedroom semi detached property could be losing as much as 60% of its heat through its walls and roof. If loft and cavity wall insulation was installed this could save up to £360 per year on fuel bills.

“Home insulation has great benefits for residents; reducing energy consumption, saving money on energy bills and helping vulnerable people manage in cold weather” says Councillor Byrne.

Since April 2009 - over 1000 households have now benefited from free loft and cavity wall insulation from Calderdale Council. Subject to a quick suitability check on your home, the free insulation is available for people who own or privately rent their properties if you are on low income or if you have a condition or illness that can be made worse by cold weather and for anyone over 60.

If you own or privately rent your property, check if you qualify for the free insulation contact; Calderdale Council’s Housing Energy Action Team on 0845 245 6000 or email

If residents don’t qualify for the free insulation, there are excellent discounts available with prices starting from just £99 for cavity wall insulation, £149 for loft insulation, or £220 if both loft and cavity wall insulation can be installed.

Business owners looking to improve energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs should contact Calderdale Council’s Business Support Team on 0845 245 6000 for information on the advice and potential grants available.

Private occupiers and property owners are encouraged to contact the Council’s Housing Energy Action Team on 0845 245 6000

Pennine Housing 2000 which also contributed towards the cost of the project can also provide energy advice for its tenants. Pennine Housing 2000 residents should contact their local housing officer for details.

Thermal survey map

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