Yorkshire Water urges customers to Protect Pipes from Big Freeze

Simple measures when it's particularly cold such as keeping the heating on a low level during the night and whilst you're out will help to ensure pipes don't freeze, whilst long term measures such as insulating pipework and storage tanks will help to avoid frost damage and any costly repair bills that might result from this.

Friday, 18 December 2009

With freezing temperatures hitting most of the region today, Yorkshire Water is urging customers to protect their pipes properly from the effects of frost.

Every year, following cold snaps like the one we are currently experiencing, the company recieves hundreds of calls from concerned business and homeowners who have suffered flooding as a result of cracked pipes, which have ruptured as the frozen water inside them has begun to thaw.

Help is at hand though, with Yorkshire Water producing an online guide to help customers avoid such winter misery and ensure that their pipes are well protected from the elements in time for the cold weather ahead.

Yorkshire Water conservation manager Clare Dunlop said: "The last thing anybody needs at this time of year is for one of their pipes to burst as a result of the cold weather - they're costly to put right, not to mention the mess and the hassle.

Customers are advised to:

  • Keep your home heated during a very cold snap - set your timer to constant or 24 hours and use your thermostat to maintain some warmth through the night and whilst you're out.
  • Wrap all pipework, cisterns and tanks in unheated areas like lofts, roofs, outbuildings and garages with insulation, using good quality waterproof foam lagging that meets the requirements of British Standard 6700 and Water Supply Regulation.
  • Get to know your stop taps! The main one is often found under the kitchen sink and you'll need to turn them off quickly if there's a burst. For further information, customers can visit Yorkshire Water's website.

The company is also asking visitors to stay well clear from frozen reservoirs. During the big freeze 12 years ago, eight people drowned in ice-related incidents around the UK - five of them dog owners trying to rescue their pets.


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