Boxing Awards scheme launches in Hebden Bridge

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Kate DakersThe Amateur Boxing Association, Boxing Awards are due to launch this weekend with classes for children, young people and women.

Run by ABA Boxing Tutor, Kate Dakers, the 8 week introductory course was set up in a bid to get more people interested in a sport that promotes discipline, respect and a healthy lifestyle.

‘‘This course does not involve the hitting of an opponent or getting hit, so is a safe way for people to explore the sport and see if they want to take it further by joining a boxing club or simply use it as a way to keep fit’’ Kate told the Hebden Bridge Web.

The ABA Boxing Awards are a 5 tier system; the first 3 levels are non-contact, teaching stance, guard, footwork, defence and punching. Courses covering the Preliminary, Standard and Bronze Awards will be held throughout the year in Hebden Bridge.

Classes will include exercises that boxers use to keep fit like press-ups, sit-ups and skipping as well as heavy bag and focus pad work, drills and circuits. Boxing is a hard-to-beat stress buster and is particularly beneficial as an outlet for the young to channel energy and aggression in a positive, healthy way.

Hebden Bridge classes start at the Hope Baptist Church on Sat Feb 21 from 10am for 8-12 year olds, 11am for 13-16 year olds and 12pm for Women. For more information on these and other box4fitness courses visit the website

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