Mill Pond Window Poster

Mill Pond Window Poster

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A valued wet woodland site in Hebden Bridge is under attack from housing developers and needs your support.

The old Salem Millpond site (pictured above) is bordered by Windsor View, Spring Grove and the Hebden Water.

Many people walk past the Millpond on their way to and from Hardcastle Crags. The site forms part of a valuable green corridor between Hebden Bridge and the Crags and hosts a variety of wildlife including newts, bats and owls.

Children have played in the area for over 20 years and the local residents organise 'clean-up parties' twice yearly to clear the site of rubbish. The residents have successfully lobbied Calderdale Council to have some trees on the site protected by a group Tree Preservation Order.

The Millpond was acquired at the end of last year by an anonymous development company and had been relatively quiet until Wednesday 6th October when 12 men with chainsaws arrived on site.

They felled as many trees as possible before they were stopped by local residents, Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Police.

Many of the felled trees were subject to the Tree Protection Order and the possibility of prosecution is being investigated by the Council.

The developers have now circulated draft proposals for housing on the site and it is clear they will attempt to gain planning permission for the Millpond site.

The local residents welcome full consultation on proposed remedial work to the retaining walls on the site that will result in the necessary removal of some trees. But we wish to preserve and enhance this valued, wet woodland habitat for the community and are drawing up a management plan for the woodland as an alternative to housing development.

Please give us your support against any planning application for housing on the Millpond site by signing the petition.

You can read the full story and follow developments on the Hebden Bridge web site (

If you wish to contribute further support or advice to the campaign or join our mailing list please contact Michael (843378) or Louise (845180), or you can email

Published by Michael Parkin, 23 Spring Grove, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8LR with the support of local residents

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