Mill Pond: "Owner's agent" meet Calderdale officials

The site meeting

Above: "owner's agent" to the right

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Between 10 and 11am this morning, Calderdale MBC officials met with the owner's agent. Later, local residents engaged them in conversation. Here are some of the points:

  • The 'agent' refused to give his name, or say who he worked for.
  • Keith Grady, the Calderdale Tree Officer, confirmed that the trees felled on Friday, 13th February were covered by the TPO. An offence had been committed.
  • The 'agent' denied that he or the people he was working for had anything to do with the felling.
  • The 'agent' scoffed at the idea of there being bats roosting in the trees.
  • The 'agent' said it would not be in anybody's interest to fell the trees at this stage.

Who is this?

The "owner's agent"

Residents' meeting: 24th Feb

Residents discussed the issues surrounding the Mill Pond at a crowded meeting on Tuesday.

Reasons for wishing to resist any proposals to develop:

  • The land forms part of the green corridor to the Crags.
  • The land is used by a large number of bats.
  • It forms an important part of the area's visual impact.
  • Fears that essential retaining walls may be weakened, especially endangering Spring Grove houses.
  • Fears for foundations of Windsor View/Road houses.
  • Large buildup of methane and silt.
  • A complex underground network of gulleys and culverts.

Action we need to take:

  • Contact Keith Grady requesting a continuation of the temporary Tree Preservation Order which expires in March
  • Oppose the proposed change in the Calderdale designation of the land from Green Belt to Open Amenity - the latter will apparently make it easier for planning applications. This has to be done between 26th March and May