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Refilling the hole

Workman refill hole after residents protest

Monday, April 19, 2004

Around half nine this morning workmen arrived to move a lamp-post at the bottom of Windsor View. They had been told that this was needed in order for access for a proposed development

Windsor View and Windsor Road residents soon arrived and threatened to physically prevent the work by sitting there.

After many phonecalls to the council, and by the workmen to their boss, it was agreed to "postpone" the work. The residents argued that no planning application had even been put in yet.

At first, residents could not understand how Calderdale Council was apparently colluding with the developers without there even being a notification of planning permission. One of our ward councillors, Mary Seward, came down to the site, and it was discovered that the developers had misled the council department involved by claiming that there were already plans in place.

Cllr Seward has asked the council to inform her if there are any further plans to move the lamp-post.

Tree Preservation Order

A dozen local residents attended the planning meeting of Calderdale Council at the end of March. Councillors made a group order on a large number of trees in the Mill Pond area. If any of these trees are removed they would have to be replaced. However, many trees were not included and residents are exploring other ways to protect them. The latest tree order is another provisional one.

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