Mill Pond: from Cllr Michael Taylor

This is a message to Cllr Taylor from Peter Melhuish (8th October 2004)

Dear Councillor Taylor,

I am responding to your e-mail of today in Jim's absence.

There is a recently confirmed TPO on this site. However, this does not cover all the trees on the site. At the time the TPO was confirmed, it was made clear by the owner's agents that some felling of the unprotected trees would be required because of concerns about the effect those trees were having on the stability of retaining walls at the site boundary.

The felling works that were commenced earlier this week were to be in respect of those unprotected trees. However, it does appear that some of the trees covered by the TPO may have been felled as well. This is currently being investigated.

In the meantime, the owners have agreed to cease any felling works until they have had a site meeting with us to establish clearly which trees are covered by the TPO and which ones aren't. This will be done next week.

I hope this clarifies the position.

Steep Fields Home