Calder Valley Election Result 3.40am
LABOUR WIN, maj 1367, turnout 67%
Liz Truss, Conservative 1705935.7%
Paul Palmer, Green Party 1371
Christine McCafferty, Labour 1842635.7%
Liz Ingleton, Liberal Democrat 9027 18.9%
John Gregory, British National Party1887

  • One of the first firm indicators on the success – or otherwise – of Michael Howard’s leadership and the Conservative campaign will come around 1am, with the significant Calder Valley result from West Yorkshire. If Tories were to capture this seat from Labour, it could indicate the Government’s Commons majority has been cut to less than 100. The Scotsman (1 May)
  • Blitzkreig giving the blues an edge: Everything is up and down in Calder Valley and the voting record of its inhabitants is no exception - Yorkshire Post (2 May)

Main candidates: 2005

Liz Ingleton

Liz Ingleton
Liberal Democrat
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Chris McCafferty

Chris McCafferty
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Paul Palmer

Paul Palmer,
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Liz Truss,
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Calder Valley Election Forum 2005

Calder Valley confused polls
Monday, May 2, 2005

Polls see vote nudging slightly towards Labour. The Strategic Voter website is currently predicting a 2.1% lead for the Tories - down from 4.9% last week. (Cons 37.9%, Lab 35.8% Lib-Dem 20.9%)

Electoral Calculus give Labour a 4.08% lead - up from 3.35% last week (Cons 34.85%, Lab 38.93% Lib-Dem 19.31%).

J o h n G r e g o r y of the B N P is also standing in Calder Valley

2001 results

Candidate Party Votes % Votes
McCafferty, Christine Lab 20,244 42.7%
Robson-Catling, Sue Con 17,150 36.2%
Taylor, Michael LD 7,596 16.0%
Hutton, Steve Grn 1,034 2.2%
Nunn, John UKI 729 1.5%
Lockwood, Philip LCA 672 1.4%
Majority: 3,094  Turnout: 63.0%
2.3% swing from Lab to Con