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Public transport in Hebden Bridge

From Andrew Hall
Tuesday, 9 October 2007

There's a lot of good news and a bit of bad on the transport front.

First, the bad. As from last Sunday, fares on the 500 bus service to Keighley have increased significantly.

Second, the good. Ever since Keighley and District Transport took over the Hebden Bridge to Keighley service, there is now an hourly service, normally departing from Hebden Bridge railway station at 10 past the hour. A £2.70 K-Day ticket will get you there and back (and also to Skipton, Bradford and Leeds and anywhere else served by Keighley and District - even Colne!)

Even better news now! As from early December, there will be an extra hourly train service between Hebden Bridge and Leeds (and return), calling at Brighouse and Dewsbury (ie avoiding the Halifax/Bradford route).

From Brian Garner
Saturday, 13 October 2007

. . . but unfortunately, the extra hourly service will run only between 10am and 3pm, which is fine for Christmas shoppers, but not of benefit to commuters.

Oh, well, I suppose any public transport improvement is better than none.

From Andy C
Saturday, 13 October 2007

Yep good news for the already fairly well catered for people who travel within West Yorkshire. Meanwhile on the other platform us poor sods get two carriages (packed to the gills, standing room only) on the half hour, if we're lucky. 'Spose it's our fault for having the temerity to venture through the Summit tunnel and across to "the other side". No hard feelings though.

From Andrew Hall
Saturday, 13 October 2007

Actually, Brian, you've picked up the Halifax Courier's misinformation on this. Admittedly, there's not much good news for morning commuters, the first new service being at 9.40, but I understand that there will be services from Hebden hourly thereafter up to 16.40, then 18.23 and finally 19.40.

It was never likely to be better than this, simply because this service is making use of rolling stock that otherwise would be standing idle -something that would not be the case during the morning commuting period.

Comment has already been made about the new service not serving Tod. This is unlikely to ever happen, owing to pathing/timing issues, and the lack of a crossover at Tod (ie a track arrangement allowing trains to move from the up line to the down line and vice versa).