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Palestinian village under threat

From Ron Taylor
Sunday, 11 November 2007

It may not sound like a local issue but what happens in the Middle East affects everyone. I have just returned from The West Bank of Palestine where I was a volunteer with the International Middle East Media Centre.

One weekend I visited the village of At-Tuwani which is on the very southern edge of the West Bank.I went at the invitation of a member of the Christian Peacemaker Team which has a full-time presence there. Their purpose is to protect the villagers (farmers and shepherds ) who are under constant threat of attack from Jewish settlers who live in the nearby illegal settlement of Ma'on.
The settlers attack the people, burn crops, sabotage wells, poison and steal sheep and goats. They even attack local children as they go to school.All this is designed to force the Palestinians to leave their land - ie ethnic cleansing.meanwhile the Israeli army stands back and watches.

Thankfully people in the village have resisted in a non-violent way, but they need support and I want to start a campaign to raise money to help them.

If anyone wants to know more about the situation there and/or would be interested in helping me, please contact me on roma114@hotmail.com