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Posted by Christoph K
Sunday, 11 February 2007

I was sad to see Hebden Biofuels go, and spent a few months of increasingly guilty motoring, although it did encourage me to walk more which must be a good thing.

But I'm back on the chip-fat having discovered Eco Bio-diesel in Burnley, off the A646 before just you get to the M65 (see www.ecobiodiesel.co.uk). They use recycled cooking oil, which in my opinion is the only green option (intensively growing crops for fuel can't be a good idea, even worse if its imported). They've added an antifreeze so you don't have to mix with mineral diesel in cold weather.

And to justify the long trip, take some home with you in a jerry can and recreate that filling station experience outside your own home.

I think its worth supporting and perhaps they can be persuaded to branch out.

From John Blackburn
Sunday, 13 May 2007

There's a school of thought that says there are no such things as vehicle 'problems'. Only either naff design/production engineering (aka 'quality control') and, much more commonly, poor maintenance. The capacity of the motoring public for destroying functional machinery is legendary, within the industry.
I'd be prepared to bet a substantial sum that people who've had 'problems' with bio-diesel (esp. if manufactured to EN14214) have either not changed their fuel filter or done so too late - thus allowing pre-existing crud to get at the delicate bits. Bio doesn't like rubber either, so neoprene is the way to go, pipe-wise. So please don't stop buying bio. It's a damn sight less harmful than 'fossil'diesel. D'you want to wait 20 years for hydrogen fuel cells?

Isn't the anti-engineering culture a magnificent achievement of 20th century education?

From Jack A
Sunday, 20 May 2007

Im currently buying my bio diesel from a new place in Rochdale - Bio-D fuels (fuel seems to be running well in my 1999 vw passat and price is really low, only 78.9p/L!!! Bargain and greener option, I took some jerry cans to take home to make the journey worthwhile.


From Adam S
Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Just got back from Rochdale with 4 container loads, and guess what, its now 74.9p/L!!!! Great find


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