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Pecket Well Mill Pond

Posted by Carol
Monday, 26 February 2007

There was a planning application tucked away in the Hebden Bridge TImes this week that I think anyone who cares about our environment might be interested in .Application no 07/00240 Calderdale MBC Planning.

It is an application to drain one of the mill ponds at Pecket Well Mill. The pond is in the curtilage of a Grade 2 listed building and is one of a decreasing number of this type of habitat for wildlife.

I used to live very close by to this pond in Pecket for several years. It's a local breeding site for the common frog (now not so common) and smooth newts .I have also seen herons feeding and ducks breeding there on occasion.In addition to all that it is peaceful place and beautiful to see, especially in spring or summer.

An established part of natural environment, of interest to the sorrounding local people and visitors ,is threatened by this application.The pond forms an intrinsic part of the history of the mill and its character. If it is drained all that will be lost.

I am most concerned about the piecemeal erosion of this Grade 2 listed building and site.