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Marina Access

From Alan Brown
Friday, 18 May 2007

Can anyone help please?

My son is a coach driver. He used to go to HB Marina to drop of passengers who were going canal cruising. Now he is told that HB council have banned all drop offs on the marina as they want it as an open space area?

The official reason was that it was dangerous to have coaches reversing out of the marina onto the main road. I am led to beleive that this had never happened and that HB Council could not validate the claim.

I noticed when I was passing through HB yesterday that there are now several large flower tubs on the marina whic will prevent any coaches accessing the area. I suppose the disabled will just have to lump it?

I also thought that as the marina has to be kept clear for emergency vehicle access (Big sign displayed) that the planters could cause a problem.

The coach company in question is, I believe, pulling out of its trips to HB as is at least one more. My source also tells me that this reduction will also cause the the boat company to fold which will stop a further 100 coaches with 50 plus tourists coming to HB to spend their money.
Is there anything to this?

From Oscar
Friday, 18 May 2007

Good to hear the Town Council are keeping their word on keeping the Marina an open space for the community. It was only recently that I discovered that the Canal Boat company didn't actually own the Marina (soon to be Warstein Square) although the number of their signs etc suggest otherwise. Having watched the comings and goings of the coaches (there is still coach parking on the road – 1 hour I believe) I notice that the 'tourists' visit the canal boat before they reboard the coach and are whisked away to their next destination. Hardly beneficial to other businesses in Hebden Bridge!

As someone else on HebWeb suggested, it would be great to see Warstein Square used as a craft market or performance space. Something that would benefit the local community as well as providing a draw for tourists who will spend time and money throughout the whole town.

So a big thanks to the council for considering the needs of the many, rather than the wants of a few.

From Patricia Banyard
Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I too have been following this story and I belive that all coaches are and always will be allowed to stop at the marina to allow their passengers to disembark and for collection, there has been a discussion as to how long they can remain parked there and I think that coaches are expected to park up elsewhere in the town car parks.

I remember years ago that there was a craft market held regularly here at the marina and it was very popular, I have no idea why this ended and hope that it will be held again. Please eveyone write to your local councillors and to Calderdale Reganeration & Development Department, Princess House, Westgate, Halifax and request that the marina be opened for use by our local craftsmen, artists and entertainers and lets get back a little of what we have lost.

From Robert Currey
Monday, 28 May 2007

I believe there was a question from the floor at a town council meeting a couple of weeks back about the marina and the dry dock.

The questioner raised concerns about Calderdale council seeking to sell the pair to businesses. This was only heard about after an alleged private council approach to Bronte Boats leaked into Hebden Bridge's rumour mill.

Not sure what the town clerk was charged with doing or whether it has been acted on.