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Mobile Phone Transmitter - Mytholmroyd

From Waite
Monday, 21 May 2007

There is currently a planning application under review to mount a three antenna, T-mobile base station transmitter in St. Michael's church tower.

As a general principal I understand that transmitters such as these are necessary for modern communications and any health effects have not been proved or either way at present.

However, this transmitter will be within 20 metres of my eleven week old child's bedroom with nothing but glass between him and the output antenna. There appear to be guidelines protecting the interest of school children in most recent cases, but I fear the lack of any such caution when you're the only child living within a few metres.

Checking the planning application has revealed that at least two other venues including the local fire station have already turned down proposal to mount the antenna there. Judging by the mobile telecoms Sitefinder database there are no such transmitters in Hebden Bridge. Can't imagine why not? :)

If anybody else is concerned about the mounting or placement of this transmitter please log your concerns on the Calderdale planning application website.

Application No: 07/00692/FUL

This isn't intended to be a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) rant. I merely object to it being less than 20m from my child's bed in what the telecoms provider calls the 'Main Beam.' ie Same height, directly in the line-of-sight, with no barrier materials except for a pane of glass.