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Missile Defense Shield

From Barbara Green
Monday, 25 June 2007

Nobody from any branch of the media is challenging the American assertion that what America is proposing to set up is a Missile Defense Shield of a kind which no country need fear. This is not the case. If it ever becomes fully operational, it will give America the ability to target at will anywhere in the world from space.

This is not the product of some paranoid left wing pressure group’s imagination . It was the deadly serious conclusion reached by a retired American admiral named Eugene Carroll who has held responsible positions in several American administrations. He devoted his retirement years to warning against allowing this to happen, and travelled to many countries to deliver his mssage. I heard him give a lecture on the subject at Bradford University some years ago and he left his listeners in no doubt as to the frightening implications of the Star Wars project now given the more emollient name of Missile Defense Shield.He begged us not to stand by and see our government, whatever its political complexion, allow Menwith Hill and Flyingdales to play their crucial roles in bringing the Star Wars project to fruition.

No-one going past Menwith Hill, near Harrogate, nowadays can fail to notice the greatly increased number of golf ball shaped radomes that have appeared within the boundaries of that truly sinister American spy base. They are clearly visible from the road. Our government quite plainly has not listened to Admiral Carroll’s warnings.

He went on to say that Russia and China would be well aware of the threat posed to them by this new system and would be hard at work setting in place counter systems. The result would inevitably be a renewed arms race.

We should all be very awareof the realities of what is happening and not allow ourselves to be lulled by ignorance into a false sense of security.