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Market Street

From Kevin V
Sunday, 8 July 2007

Whilst we have the square with its new pedestrian area I think we should not forget about market street where some great shops / eateries are situated.

Today I heard one of the cafe bars has had to remove its tables from outside their premises even though they have been there for around 2 years. They are apparently now an obstruction. I would imagine this is a great loss to the street as it made it look an inviting street to wander down.

I feel sorry for the shops at the bottom as half way down. You pass 3 empty dilapidated shops which are quite an eyesore. I am sure the shopkeepers down there will agree as they are obviously trying there best by adding the hanging baskets to their premises (which I believe they have had to pay for).

This morning I saw one shopkeeper sweeping up glass (from Saturday night I would imagine) yet I am sure the square is cleaned on a regular basis. I think we need to promote the whole town and not just the square area.

From Rachel P
Friday, 13 July 2007

The best person to contact if you have any concerns is Jason Boom, environment warden (or similar job title, apologies to Jason!) for the area. He's a very pro-active bloke and is aware of the problems experienced on Market Street.

I have been a tenant on Market Street for several months and now understand that the current situation with the 3 delapidated shop fronts in a row is with the owner wanting to keep them this way. Unfortunately as the buildings are not council owned there isn't a great deal they can do unless the owner would like to be a bit more community spirited and tidy up a bit. From a health and safety point of view it looks like it needs to be done because the interiors do look like potential fire hazards but I'm not a health and safety officer so I wouldn't know for sure.

As far as cleaning the streets there are regular if not daily bins emptied and streets sweeped by council employees/ contractors who litter-pick and clear rubbish very early in the mornings. Footpaths would definitely benefit from straightening up, as pointed out. In general all the shopkeepers/ owners take a pride in their shopfront appearance, so it makes sense that the pathways to the shops be made as safely accessible as possible.

Posted by Danny Thompson
Friday, 13 July 2007

The first place I lived in in Hebden was the flat above what was then 'Hebden Bridge Books' (next to what is now the bookshop) on Market Street in the early 1980s.

It wasn't long afterwards that 'Clarke's Candy Box' opened up. I used to wait outside it for the school bus. The shop wasn't trading for long, and I was amazed on my last visit that it is virtually untouched a quarter of a century later.

If someone doesn't do something with it soon there's a serious risk that the National Trust will buy it as an almost perfect unrestored example of a late 20th century unsuccessful niche shop.