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Objections to 16 apartments in Mytholmroyd

Posted by Fran
Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Glyn Lee who organised the petition objecting to the apartments on behalf of residents has asked the Mytholmroyd.net to report that amended plans have been submitted.The plans are for 5 town houses and 6 apartments - 3 storeys high.

The application number is 06/01892/FUL

The link to it can be found in the first post in the previous thread on this.

Petitions are being delivered to Brooks Newsagents and Bridge End Fisheries today.

If objectors could please sign as soon as possible this coming week, Glyn will collect and get them to planning before the 30th January deadline.

Objections are as before - they are out of character with the area and not visibly attractive. Parking remains a big consideration.

Posted by Cllr. John Beacroft-Mitchell
Thursday, 1 February 2007

Hebden Royd Town Council rejected the planning application for the revised plans last night (31st Jan) on the grounds of density, design, insufficient parking and traffic.

I am in no way opposed to development of the site per se but it must be sensitive to the needs of local residents and businesses, and sympathetic to the local environment. The planning applications submitted to date have done neither.

Posted by Fran
Thursday, 8 February 2007

Glyn Lee reports that Calderdale turned down this application and asks that people be thanked for signing the petition which was delivered to planning with 90 signatures. The developers are going away to re-think their plans. This discussion will be revived as and when the plans are re-submitted.

Posted by Fran
Monday, 30 April 2007

Amended Plans have been re-submitted for 11 townhouses (7 three-storey and 4 - two storey) on this land. A petition objecting is now in circulation.

The objections include:

  1. Over intensification of this relatively small site;
  2. They do not respect in any way the established character of the local area
  3. and are visually unattractive.
  4. They would clearly be out of character with the surrounding properties which are either new bungalows or two storey traditional terraced houses.
  5. The height of the proposed townhouses and particularly those built on 3 floors, will be much higher.
  6. Parking is a major concern and possible traffic problems the development may bring, resulting in further congestion on Thrush Hill Road and Caldene Avenue.

A petition will be in Brookes newsagents for signing from tomorrow. It will be collected by Glyn Lee on the 9th May for submission to planning by the 11th May.

Thanks to Glynn for keeping at this.

Posted by Lou
Tuesday, 1 May 2007

When the old Medical Centre was still up and running and there was considerable amount of foliage on the corner, the junction of Caldene Avenue and Thrush Road did seem to be a major problem for motorists. Drivers would frequently try to exit Thrush Road without first slowing or stopping to see if there was anything coming along Caldene Avenue in that general vacinity, causing several near misses.

It would therefore seem possible that with over intensification of the site with the new development that we may well have this problem once again.

Is there any link to a site where we may view the new proposed development?

Posted by Cllr. John Beacroft-Mitchell
Tuesday, 1 May 2007

This was debated at Hebden Royd last week and was objected to by myself on many of the grounds stated by Fran/Glyn above. The objection to the planning application was carried.

Your Calderdale councillors will also be objecting to this application at Calderdale planning.

Many thanks


Posted by Fran
Tuesday, 19 June 2007

For information.

Extracts from a letter from Calderdale Council dated 18th June 2007.

This appliction will be considered by the Planning Committee on 26th June 2007 in the Town Hall Halifax.

The meeting begins at 3.00pm

The Committee is open to the press and public.

...the procedure is after the Planning Officer has introduced the item and answered Members' questions, the opportunity is given (at the Chairman's discretion) to one spokesperson on behalf of any objectors and the applicant to speak respectively and briefly on the application...

If your representation was signed by more than one or accompanied by a petition, please ensure that all signatories or petitioners are aware of the Committee date and time.

Posted by Fran
Sunday, 24 June 2007

Glyn Lee will be going to this meeting (Weds 26th June) to speak on behalf of the objectors accompanied by Councillor Harry Ward. Anybody else wishing to go along is welcome.

Posted by Fran
Tuesday, 26 June 2007

This application came before planning today (Tuesday 26th June) and the Planning office were initially for granting it.

Glyn Lee and Harry Ward spoke on behalf of the residents in great detail pointing out all the disadvantages as listed in the post dated 30th April in this thread, adding that 291 houses the other side of Thrush Hill tunnel were served by this road, double parking wasn't a possibility because the road was too narrow.

Councillors were sympathetic to their arguments and voted against the plans.

Thanks to all from Glyn for the support.

Glyn fully expects more plans will be submitted in the near future and we will be kept up to date as and when.



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