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Thinking you are in Paris

H. Price Jones

24th August , 2007

I read with dismay some of the comments in the discussion forum. I left the Calder Valley 30 years ago because it was a shabby area lacking in work opportunities. All those who are criticising new developments in Hebden Bridge or the Calder Valley need to think whether they want to return to those good old days in Calderdale when there was lots of poverty and ignorance around. The attitudes you display towards tourists and those wishing to enjoy your area is poor. Do not bite the hand that feeds you! Calderdale never had it so good.

Posted by Joseph S
Saturday, 25 August 2007

Well said

Posted by Paul D
Monday, 27 August 2007

I was here 30 years, unemployment was high, but poverty was restricted to queues for free school uniforms not soup. There was plenty of social housing and a decent terraced property could be bought for 2-3 grand. Most of all, the community spirit was good, we had cheap shops, cafes and consumption in general was functional and not central to our existence and/or regeneration.

As for leaving behind all the ignorance - well maybe you took most of it with you. We had various communities here back then, the peace convoy overwintering, travellers, the weird to the creative and forward looking. Teepees, squats, communes, all side by side with a traditionally non-conformist local population. Not here now, not allowed. Sure there was tension, but ignorance? Kids here knew what diversity looked like close up (although we've always been a bit too white and liberal for some)and that's slowly being replaced by a monocultural tweeness that some people find appealing. Some don't and some might resent being told how good it is now when their kids can't afford to live or shop in the town of their birth.

Why not write in to the Bridge Times like one of those whining tourists? Lovely town but why oh why can't we see how lucky we are to be visited by such narrow minded prats? Why don't we step of the pavement and doff our flat caps to you superior beings? Our ingorance is such, we can't see that our future is simply a site of consumption for those doing better elsewhere (or sucking our taxes and peddling this crap). I'm sure you are a nice person really Hilary, but I'm ever so glad you left. We need lots of things, but more daytrippers? I don't think so.

Posted by Jack Hughes
Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I'm poor and my next door neighbour is ignorant, so as far as I'm concerned poverty and ignorance are still alive and well in Hebden Bridge. And will remain so.