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Moorings tender

From Howard Dickenson
Monday, 21 January 2008

There has been surprisingly little fuss about this dreadful move by BW. Waiting lists have been replaced by a cheque-book war: imagine if we had to bid for parking spaces or a hospital bed.......

This government-owned monopoly has been very restrained wiith information. If everyone bids low for a mooring on offer, it won't be a cheap mooring - it will be removed from the market, hence driving up the price of remaining moorings in the area. This is a dreadful abuse of a monopoly. At least withy car parking you can go somewhere else but, for the most part, we have no choice.

Perhaps BW should consider something based on the value of the boat - at least t6here would be still room for low-value boats.

What I don't understand is:-

a. Why dump the recently-completed survey of all moorings intended to ensure fair prices ?

b. Why look only to the boaters for revenue (obviously there are property incomes too), ignoring the other millions of users ? This is a national network: boaters can never pay the cost of its upkeep alone. It should beproperly funded by government.

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