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Calder Holmes Improvements

From Wayne Kerr
Sunday, 3 February 2008

I would just like to bring peoples attention to some recent improvements on Calder Holmes park.

The tennis courts are now free of graffiti and have new five a side goals installed. The bowling green nows has signs advising people that it is to be used for bowling only.
Well done to the people responsible their time and effort is appreciated by at least one resident of Hebden Bridge.

Lets just hope that people can read the keep of the bowling green signs and adhere to them.May I suggest the tennis courts with there new goals would be a good alternative pitch.

From Jason Boom - ECW Hebden Royd Town Council
Monday, 4 February 2008

Great to see that the work is noticed. It was planned prior to Christmas but it was felt that to keep on top of graffiti re-appearing it was better to wait. There is now a policy in place that all graffiti on the tennis courts, will be painted out within 2 days and mechanisms are in place to do so. If any graffiti is not removed in this timescale could you let us know, we may just have missed it.

In addition to the signs on the bowling green improvements are being made to the quality of the surface for all bowlers to use. We hope that the provision of the football goals in the tennis courts will mean the bowling green is respected.

From Drew Peacock
Monday, 4 February 2008

What a breath of fresh air to see something positive on this discussion forum.

The photos show the hard work that is being done to improve the overall appearance of Calder Holmes. Lets hope the work is not undone by the mindless grafitti previously seen. Does anyone know if the putting green is to be restored to its former glory?

From Jason Boom - ECW Hebden Royd Town Council
Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The putting green would be welcomed back by many, the problem lies with the staffing of the pavilion. This is tied in with so many elements of the park and we are trying to find a way forward. Lets hope come summer it will be there for all to enjoy.

From Gwendoline Goddard
Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Yes, isn't it good to see the improvements. And there are more in the pipeline thanks to Mick Harrop, Calderdale Parks Manager, and the suggestions from Friends of Calder Holmes Park.

The putting green is to be restored and on the agenda for the next meeting of the Friends is the setting up of a rota for the issuing of equipment for that and for one of the tennis courts where we hope to have a permanent net during the summer months.

The next meeting of the Friends of the Park will be on Wednesday 20 February, 7.30 for the committee and then an open meeting at 8 o'clock. The meeting will be in the committee room of the council offices (not the pavilion this time) so please come along if you have points to make, ideas to contribute or are willing to give a little time to help make the park even better.